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My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

*Disclaimer* I change up my skin care routine with the seasons or if my skin is acting funny. This is my typical skin care routine for the summer nights.

I am a strong believer that washing your face at night is so important. If you didn't read my last blog post "Here's Why You Seriously Shouldn't Sleep With Makeup On", you should check it out. It pretty much explains why you definitely need to be washing your face before bed.

*Another quick disclaimer* this is what works for my skin, it may not work the same for yours.


Step 1. The first thing I always do is remove my makeup. I really like using a micellar water for this step. It takes the makeup off quick and easy. Sometimes I will use coconut oil instead on a cotton pad, either one works really well for me.

Step 2. The next thing I do is cleanse my face using my Créme Cleanser by Sainte Muse this is a gentle skin cleanser formulated for all skin types. It has a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants that leave my skin feeling so refreshed and smooth, and looking healthy and radiant.

Step 3. I will then tone my face. I have really acne-prone skin and my pores are huge so toner is a must for me.

Step 4. This is not something I do every single day but when my skin is feeling really dry I like to go in with my Gloss Face Oil from Sainte Muse. This just gives my skin the moisturized feeling it needs. It also helps any irritation I might have on my skin.

Step 5. I always moisturize with my Doux Moisturizer from Sainte Muse. I have combination skin to the extreme, so when my face is dry, it's really dry or when it's oily, it's really oily. This moisturizer is perfect for that because it gives me the moisture I need without adding any extra greasy-ness to my face.

Step 6. Although I don't do this everyday, this is my last step. 2-3 times a week I will use my 24K Gold Under Eye Mask from Sainte Muse. This is amazing for ridding your eyes of any wrinkles or dark circles, or even if you just need a little brightening. I like to put these on right before bed and sleep in them.

That is my night time skin care routine. My morning routine is similar but a little less complex. This routine really works great for me and I 100% recommend all of these products if your skin is anything like mine. It takes a little bit of experimenting but finding a skin care routine that works is important. 

Xoxo, Taylor 

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