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Benefits of Facial Oil

Benefits of Facial Oil

I was talking to a friend yesterday, we were talking about skin care and I was telling her my love for face oils. She was telling me that she really wanted to try one but was a little intimidated by the word oil. Totally understandable I hear that a lot. People with oily skin tend to cringe at the words face oil. People with skin that is already nourished enough don't think they need to add anymore hydration but face oil is not formulated for only people with dry skin. Face oil is formulated for all skin types. It does add hydration to your skin of course, but also it can boost your skins natural glow and protect against damaging free radicals. It's time to reconsider your opinion on face oils.

Now one thing to keep in mind is that there are many different kinds of face oils. To pick the one that is best for you, I recommend researching. Also, make sure you are using a FACE oil and not just any type of oil. I have used the Gloss Face Oil by Sainte Muse religiously for a long time now and I recommend it to everyone. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have combination skin to the max. It works well for both sides. Everybody that I have made try it, loves it and uses it religiously also. It is formulated for all skin types.

Lets get into some benefits.

Facial oil helps makeup go on more smoothly. The silky smooth feeling of facial oil makes it a great skin care product to apply before your liquid foundation, concealer or creme contour. If your skin is dry, flaky or has any blemishes it can be hard to apply makeup and get that flawless finish. Facial oil helps your makeup brushes or sponges glide across the skin to get that gorgeous finish and is less likely to streak.

Facial Oil seals in moisture and can add nourishment. Everybody can benefit from facial oil. People with dry skin will benefit most from the nourishment. If you are experiencing dry skin from the weather, or you always have dry skin, facial oils can help boost your moisturizer's hydrating efforts. When you apply a facial oil after a moisturizer it seals in all of the hydrating ingredients, making your skin more likely to hold onto the added hydration. Apply a few drops in the morning and at night after a moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, consider only applying at night.

Facial Oil can protect from harmful pollutants. When you apply facial oil as the last step of your skin care routine in the morning, facial oil will act as a barrier on the outer layer of your skin as well as keep moisture in.

Facial Oil promotes a healthy glow. Your skin may appear dull and dry as you age, which is common because, your skin will produce less natural oil as you start to age. Your skin may also look dull if you are dehydrated or if you didn't get enough sleep. Dullness may also occur if you aren't exfoliating enough. No matter what causes the dullness of your skin, facial oil can help restore moisture and encourage glowing skin.

Don't let the idea of applying oil to your skin keep you from trying a facial oil and getting all of these amazing benefits. It is formulated for the face and all skin types so it can only be beneficial. 

xoxo, Taylor

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Back To School Basics

Back To School Basics

Whether you're headed back to school or just want a fresh routine, we know that new beginnings can be kinda stressful. Let us worry about your skin and hook you up with products you can trust and will totally love. 


Créme Cleanser: The Créme Cleanser is a cleanser that is formulated for all skin types. No matter what type of skin you have, this cleanser will do great things for it. You can use it in the morning or at night (preferably both). It leaves you skin feeling super soft and looking glowy (is that a word? No? Okay but you know what I mean). It's packed with vitamins and antioxidants so don't even worry about harmful ingredients - we don't do that here.

Luxe Rosé Facial Mist: The Luxe Rosé Facial Mist is a must have. I apply it so often that I make sure to throw it in my bag when I'm leaving the house. I know life can get exhausting (trust) so keep this baby with you to wake up tired skin and leave your skin feeling refreshed. I also like to apply this right after I wash my face and right before I moisturize (and a million times during the day) just to boost hydration.

Doux Moisturizer: A good moisturizer is important. The Doux Moisturizer is a lightweight oil-free moisturizer. It moisturizes your face without adding any extra oil to your skin. I find that it keeps my face from getting dry and flaky throughout the day which is super important to me.

Mask Force: Unfortunately, life can become a little too stressful sometimes. If you need to find a way to unwind after a long day or to prepare for a big day, no worries, the Mask Force is here to help you relax and make your skin look great. Different parts of your skin typically have different issues so Sainte Muse put together a duo to solve that issue, the Mask Force comes with a Step 1 and a Step 2 mask. The Step 1 T-Zone Mask is formulated to dry up any extra moisture on your face, unclog pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The Step 2 S-Zone mask will refresh and revitalize your skin making it feel nourished and hydrated.


You don't need an extensive skin care routine to help you maintain healthy, clear skin (although, I enjoy my extensive skin care routine). Just these few products will leave you with gorgeous looking skin. If you want to add a few more luxury products to your routine, check out the rest of the amazing products Sainte Muse offers. Treat yourself to some nice products to prepare for the new school year or just the new season!


Xoxo, Taylor

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My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

*Disclaimer* I change up my skin care routine with the seasons or if my skin is acting funny. This is my typical skin care routine for the summer nights.

I am a strong believer that washing your face at night is so important. If you didn't read my last blog post "Here's Why You Seriously Shouldn't Sleep With Makeup On", you should check it out. It pretty much explains why you definitely need to be washing your face before bed.

*Another quick disclaimer* this is what works for my skin, it may not work the same for yours.


Step 1. The first thing I always do is remove my makeup. I really like using a micellar water for this step. It takes the makeup off quick and easy. Sometimes I will use coconut oil instead on a cotton pad, either one works really well for me.

Step 2. The next thing I do is cleanse my face using my Créme Cleanser by Sainte Muse this is a gentle skin cleanser formulated for all skin types. It has a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants that leave my skin feeling so refreshed and smooth, and looking healthy and radiant.

Step 3. I will then tone my face. I have really acne-prone skin and my pores are huge so toner is a must for me.

Step 4. This is not something I do every single day but when my skin is feeling really dry I like to go in with my Gloss Face Oil from Sainte Muse. This just gives my skin the moisturized feeling it needs. It also helps any irritation I might have on my skin.

Step 5. I always moisturize with my Doux Moisturizer from Sainte Muse. I have combination skin to the extreme, so when my face is dry, it's really dry or when it's oily, it's really oily. This moisturizer is perfect for that because it gives me the moisture I need without adding any extra greasy-ness to my face.

Step 6. Although I don't do this everyday, this is my last step. 2-3 times a week I will use my 24K Gold Under Eye Mask from Sainte Muse. This is amazing for ridding your eyes of any wrinkles or dark circles, or even if you just need a little brightening. I like to put these on right before bed and sleep in them.

That is my night time skin care routine. My morning routine is similar but a little less complex. This routine really works great for me and I 100% recommend all of these products if your skin is anything like mine. It takes a little bit of experimenting but finding a skin care routine that works is important. 

Xoxo, Taylor 

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Wondering how often should you exfoliate your face? Over-exfoliation is one skin-care mistake almost all of us make. We incessantly scrub off dry, flaky patches of skin in an effort to take care of it — and when we accidentally exfoliate too often or with a scrub that’s too harsh, it backfires big time.

What happens if you exfoliate too much? Your skin gets irritated, then your dry, flaky patches return and often get worse. But gentle scrubs can remove flakes and make full, thirsty skin glow again. Overexfoliating is probably the single more significant cause of breakouts. 

Here are five tips on how to keep your skin flake-free — without harming it.


1. More than Three Times a Week is Too Much Exfoliation

How often should you exfoliate your face? Well, the absolute maximum you should be exfoliating is three times a week. Overexfoliate and you’re likely to create tiny cracks in the skin barrier that lead to more loss of hydration and inflammation. By over exfoliating you’re not fixing the problem, you’re actually make it worse.


2. Be Gentle with Your Skin

Exfoliating does not mean torture your skin. Make sure you know what you’re putting on your face because a lot of face products are good on their own, but when you add them together it could lead to damage and injury.


3. Listen to Your Skin

Skin knows how to exfoliate itself and using just one exfoliater should be enough. Instead of having a set routine for how often you use a product, leave it up to your face. In other words, don’t exfoliate simply because it’s 7 a.m. — exfoliate because you feel like you need to. 


4. Moisturize

Make sure you are keeping your skin moisturized along with exfoliating. You can't expect your skin not to be dry if you’re exfoliating but not moisturizing. It’s important to find a moisturizer that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated. You will find yourself having to exfoliate way less because your skin won’t be as dry. The Doux Moisturizer by Sainte Muse is a lightweight, oil free moisturizer. It will leave your face feeling hydrated and looking radiant without any added oil. 


5. Exfoliating Masks

One thing that I find helpful is exfoliating masks rather than face cleansers. Just like exfoliating you should only be doing face masks a couple times a week, so something I like to do is find a face mask that doubles as an exfoliater, and I kill to birds with one stone. It helps me limit the amount of times a week I exfoliate and apply a face mask that way I’m being gentle on my skin and not overwhelming it with so many different products. The Active Noir Masque by Sainte Muse doubles as a exfoliating and cleansing mask. It is formulated for all skin types. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth without damaging or irritating your skin. 



I hope this was helpful, make sure you’re being kind to your beautiful skin. Thank you babes for reading. * I have decided that next week I am going to be doing a skin care/ beauty Q&A. I will be posting on my social media so if you follow me there you can DM me but if you don’t you can email any questions you might have and I will be answering them in a blog post so be on the lookout for that!

XOXO, Taylor 

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10 Homemade Toners

10 Homemade Toners

What is a toner: toner is a liquid that has to be used after cleansing.


Reasons why you should use toner in your daily routine:

  1. It shrinks your pores and tightens the skin.
  2. It helps in reducing the oiliness of the skin.
  3. It improves the overall skin texture.
  4. Removes the dead cells that stick to skin ever after cleansing.
  5. It restores the pH balance of your skin.
  6. It is an instant refresher for your skin.
  7. It can prevent ingrown hairs.


Different types of toners: 

1. Fresheners- 

These are the mildest form that have almost no alcohol.

They have a bit of humectant that keeps the moisture, best for dry and sensitive skin.

Eg: Rose Water.


2. Tonics-

These have slightly higher content of alcohol up to 20%.

They are still suitable for all skin types.

Eg: Orange Flower Water.


3. Astringent-

This has a high proportion of alcohol from 20-60%.

It is generally advised only for oily skin as it dries out excess oils.

Eg: Witch Hazel.


Homemade Toners

1. White Vinegar

Mix water with white vinegar in equal proportions. Now take a cotton pad, dip in the solution and wipe the face.


2. Mint Leaves

Mix mint leaves with hot water. Allow the solution to cool down and then wipe your face using cotton dipped in the solution.


3. Aloe Vera

Squeeze out pure aloe vera juice and apply on the face. This works as a great toner for the skin and cures sunburns and rashes too. 


4. Cucumber + Curd

Grate a fresh cucumber and mix with curd. Apply this mixture on the face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Wash with cold water.


5. Camphor + Rose Water

Mix a pinch of camphor with rose water and apply this solution on the face 3-4 times a day. This toner is excellent for acne-prone and oily skin.


6. Ice Cold Water

One of the simplest toners to use is ice cold water or ice cubes. You can wipe the ice cubes or ice-cold water on the face after cleansing. 


7. Rose Water

Apply rose water on your face daily. Pure rose water does wonders to the skin, making it oil-free, soft, and radiant.


8. Lemon Juice 

Apply pure lemon juice or rube lemon peels on the face. This helps in lightening the skin complexion and also makes it oil-free.


9. Egg White

Extract egg white from an egg and apply it on the face for a few minutes every day.


10. Tomato Juice + Honey

Extract tomato juice and mix with organic honey in equal proportions. Make a thick paste and apply on your face for 15 minutes. 


I hope this guide was helpful and that you get a chance to try out some of these recipes. Don’t forget to moisturize after you tone. Check out the Doux Moisturizer by Sainte Muse if you’re looking for an oil free moisturizer that will leave your face feeling hydrated and looking radiant. I hope everybody has a safe Memorial Day Weekend. 




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