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  • Here's Why You Seriously Shouldn't Sleep With Makeup On

Here's Why You Seriously Shouldn't Sleep With Makeup On

Here's Why You Seriously Shouldn't Sleep With Makeup On

"Sleeping in makeup is horrible for your skin!" It's something we've heard over and over again. If we're being totally honest, we've all dozed off with at least a little makeup on our skin before. How much damage could a little makeup cause anyhow? As it turns out, your body does some pretty important maintenance at night while you're fast asleep and doesn't work well with the layer of makeup getting in the way. If you prefer clear skin and a lovely complexion, you might want to reconsider taking off your makeup at night before you pass out.



If you have ever examined your skin in a magnifying mirror you will agree: clogged, oversized pores do not equal a radiant complexion. Makeup can actually stretch the pores and make them appear bigger. By removing your makeup and cleansing your skin, you're giving those pores a chance to stay clean and healthy.


The recipe for acne? The build up of bacteria, debris and oil. Even if you don't typically have acne prone skin, you'll soon find out that sleeping with your face beat to the gods will result in breakouts. One accidental night of sleeping in makeup won't lead to a full blown breakout but overtime your skin won't be able to turn over cells like it's supposed to.


The makeup that felt so fresh this morning will have your face feeling dry as the Sahara Desert by night. Removing makeup gives the skin the chance to breathe and regain it's moisture.


Think of all the places you and your makeup went today. Then imagine it staying around all night. The skin is good at tolerating a lot of things, but it can become reactive. You really don't want to leave your makeup on longer than you have to. If you're already prone to sensitivity, sleeping with makeup on can trigger skin issues.


Obvi, it's a dirty world out there. Pollution from the air gathers onto your skin throughout the day. If you don't get them off, it will continue to stick on your skin through the night. Interestingly enough, makeup can actually absorb some of these particles, which is even more of a reason to wash it off at night.


If I haven't already convinced you to wash that beautiful face at night, get a luxury face wash like the Créme Cleanser from Sainte Muse that you can leave out by your sink and that you'll be excited to use at night. The Créme
Cleanser is made for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The powerful blend of antioxidant and vitamins will go to work fast and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking healthy and fresh. It will dissolve makeup and grime, reduce redness and build moisture. You'll wake up in the morning with a soft and even complexion.

Xoxo, Taylor